278 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, SE13 6JZ
New Winner Lewisham

Special Set Meals
A FOR 1 PERSON£7.80Add +Mini vegetarian spring roll[4] sweet and sour chicken hong kong style egg fried rice
B for 2 Persons£15.80Add +chicken spring roll[2] sweet and sour pork hong kong style chicken with green pepper in black bean sauce special fried rice[2]
B1 for 2 Persons£20.80Add +satay chicken on skewers[2] sweet and sour chicken balls[10] beef with green pepper in black bean sauce king prawn with mixed vegetables special fried rice[2]
C FOR 3 PERSONS£25.80Add +satay chicken on skewers[3] deep fried crispy shredded chill beef sweet and sour chicken balls[10] szechuan style chicken duck with mushrooms in garlic special fried rice[3]
D for 4 Persons£35.00Add +Quarter crispy aromatic duck,beef with green pepper in black bean sauce, spear ribs in BBQ sauce, szechuan style king prawns,monk's vegetable,sweet and sour chicken hongkong style, special fried rice[4]
C2 for 4 Persons£35.00Add +Satay chicken on skewers (4), beef with green pepper in black bean sauce (hot), sweet and sour chicken balls (10), Szechuan style king prawns (hot), pineapple duck, chicken in lemon and honey sauce and special fried rice (4)
K1 for 2 Persons£28.00Add +Chicken spring rolls (2), 1/4 crispy aromatic duck, Szechuan style chicken (hot), beef with green pepper in black bean sauce (hot), king prawns with mixed vegetables and special fried rice (2)
K2 for 2 Persons (n)£32.50Add +Winner House special combination, 1/4 crispy aromatic duck, deep fried crispy shredded beef with chilli (hot), chicken with green pepper in black bean sauce (hot), king prawns with cashew nuts in yellow bean sauce, and special fried rice (2)
Vegetarian Set Meal
G. Vegetarian Set Meal (v)£25.00Add +Crispy aromatic vegetarian duck, vegetarian pancake rolls (4), crispy seaweed, salt pepper chill chips, sweet and sour vegetables, tofu with green peppers in black bean sauce (hot), monk's vegetables and boiled rice (2)
1. Winner House Special Combination for 2 Persons£7.60Add +Crispy seaweed, prawn on toast, pancake rolls, chicken wings, barbecue ribs and crispy won ton with a cup of sweet chilli sauce
N2. Seafood Mixed Platter£8.00Add +Crispy seaweed, fried squid, sesame prawn on toast, seafood spring rolls and fish cake with sweet and chilli sauce
2. Aromatic Crispy Duck£7.80Add +Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce
3. Crispy Aromatic Vegetarian Duck (v)£7.20Add +Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce
4. Aromatic Crispy Mongolian Lamb£7.80Add +Served with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion and hoi sin sauce
5. Crispy Spring Rolls£2.10Add +
N3. Deep Fried Curry Samosas (6) Mini£2.30Add +Crispy fried pastry
6. Deep Fried Salt & Pepper Chilli (hot)£5.50Add +
7. Deep Fried Shredded Smoked Chicken£4.80Add +Deep fried smoked chicken cooked with a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce
dim sum£4.80Add +
8. Crispy Butterfly King Prawn in Breadcrumbs (8) (hot)£5.50Add +Served with sweet chilli sauce
9. Crispy Won Ton with Sweet & Sour Sauce (8)£4.50Add +
10. Stuffed Crab Claws with Sweet Chilli Sauce (6)£4.00Add +
11. Sesame Prawn on Toast£4.80Add +A dim sum dish made from bread, brushed with egg and coated with minced shrimp and sesame
12. Crispy Seaweed£3.90Add +Spring greens deep fried, seasoned with salt and sugar
13. Peking Dumpling (6)£4.50Add +Served with ginger and vinegar
14. Satay Chicken on Skewers (4) (n)£4.80Add +Served with cucumber, onion and homemade special satay sauce
15. Satay King Prawn on Skewers (4) (n)£5.50Add +Served with cucumber, onion and homemade special satay sauce
16. Spare Ribs£5.20Add +
17. Sweet & Sour Chicken / Pork / King Prawn£4.80Add +All served with a cup of sweet and sour sauce
18. Crispy Chicken Wings with Sweet Chilli Sauce (hot)£4.60Add +
19. Prawn Crackers£1.20Add +Fried Chinese style tapioca crackers made with prawns
20. Sweetcorn Soup (v)£3.00Add +Sweetcorn in a broth
21. Mixed Vegetable Soup (v)£2.80Add +Mixed vegetables in a broth
22. Won Ton Soup£3.20Add +A clear soup with won ton dumplings
23. Hot & Sour Soup (hot)£3.00Add +A thick and flavoursome corn starch based soup.
24. Crab Meat & Sweetcorn Soup£3.10Add +Crab meat and sweetcorn in a broth
25. Mixed Seafood Soup£3.50Add +Mixed seafood in a broth
26. Chicken Soup£2.90Add +Chicken in a broth
T27. Thai Tom Yam Soup (hot)£3.10Add +Hot and sour soup
N1. Soup with Noodles / Ho Fun / Vermicelli or Udon (L) with Chilli Sauce£5.30Add +
Rice & Noodle Dishes
28. House Special£5.70Add +Mixed meat and vegetables in gravy sauce
29. Seafood Special£6.00Add +Mixed king prawns, squid, fish cakes and crab meat in garlic sauce or black bean sauce (hot)
30. Cantonese Special£5.70Add +With boiled rice or fried rice or chow mein
31. Egg Fried Rice£3.30Add +Steamed rice stirfried with egg in a wok
32. Steamed White Boiled Rice (v)£2.60Add +
33. Steamed Coconut Rice (v)£3.20Add +Rice steamed with coconut milk
34. Chow Mein£4.70Add +You can choose noodles or vermicelli when ordering. Ho fun (flat noodles) or udon noodles 0.50p extra
Vegetarian Dishes (v)
35. Mixed Vegetables£4.20Add +Onions, carrots, beansprouts, green pepper, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and Chinese leaves,mushrooms,baby corn
V36. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce or Oyster Sauce£4.20Add +Broccoli cooked with a sweet dark brown sauce or garlic sauce
mapo tofu szechuan style£4.50Add +gravy sauce with beancurd,minced meat,carrots,bamboo shoots and onions
36. Monk's Vegetables£4.30Add +White and black Chinese fungus, straw mushrooms, baby corn, carrots and beancurd
Cantonese & Szechuan Style Dishes
37. Cantonese Roasted BBQ Style£4.70Add +Served on a bed of Chinese leaves topped with a special BBQ sauce
38. Chinese Style Chicken or Duck£4.70Add +Served on a bed of beansprouts, topped with BBQ sauce
39. Sweet & Sour Sauce Hong Kong Style£4.70Add +Cooked in sweet and sour sauce with onions, green pepper, carrots and pineapple
40. Lemon Sauce with Chicken or Duck£4.70Add +Pan fried and marinated in light corn flour, topped with fresh lemon
41. Orange Sauce with Chicken or Duck£4.70Add +Pan fried and marinated in light corn flour, topped with fresh orange
deep fried crispy shredded with chill hot£4.70Add +Chicken or beef deep fried in a crispy batter and cooked with sweet chilli hot sauce, Szechuan or Peking style
43. Szechuan Style (hot)£4.70Add +Stir fried in a traditional Szechuan paste with assorted vegetables
44. Kung Po Sauce (n) (hot)£4.70Add +Stir fried in a sweet chilli sauce with water chestnuts, carrots, spring onion and cashew nuts. Sweet and hot
45. Chilli & Garlic Sauce (hot)£4.70Add +Quickly stir fried with garlic, onions, carrots, bamboo shoots and chilli. Medium hot
46. Satay Sauce (n)£4.70Add +Stir fried in a spicy peanut sauce with green pepper, onions, Chinese leaves, bamboo shoots, carrots and mange tout
47. Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce£4.70Add +Quick fried with garlic, mushrooms, onions and carrots
48. Black Pepper Sauce (hot)£4.70Add +Stir fried in a black pepper sauce with onions and green pepper
49 Dried chill and szechuan oil£5.80Add +
50. Oyster Sauce£4.70Add +Stir fried with baby corn, spring onion and carrots in oyster sauce
51. Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce (hot)£4.70Add +Stir fried in special black bean paste with onions, pepper and carrots
52. Curry Sauce£4.70Add +With mushrooms, onions, carrots and peas
53. Chop Suey£4.70Add +Stir fried with beansprouts and onions in sweet and sour paste
54. Ginger & Spring Onion£4.70Add +Quick fried with ginger and garlic in oyster sauce
55. Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce (n)£4.70Add +In yellow bean sauce with diced carrots, bamboo shoots, onions and pepper
56. Mapo Tofu Szechuan Style (hot)£4.70Add +Gravy sauce with beancurd, minced meat, carrots, bamboo shoots and onions
57. Pineapple£4.70Add +
58. Peking Fruity Sauce£4.70Add +
59. Plum Sauce£4.70Add +A light brown sweet and sour sauce
62. Mongolian Style (hot)£4.70Add +
63. Mixed Vegetables£4.70Add +
Mixed Vegetables Soup£2.80Add +
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce or Oyster Sauces£4.10Add +
Thai Dishes
T1. Famous Fish Cakes (6)£4.30Add +Filleted fish mixed with potatoes and parsley
T2. Thai Sweet Chilli (hot)£5.30Add +With sliced carrots, onions, lemon grass and lime leaves in sweet chilli sauce
T3. Thai Green Curry (hot)£5.20Add +
T5. Thai Red Curry (hot)£5.20Add +Very hot
T6. Thai Jungle Curry (hot)£5.20Add +Pan braised meat or seafood with traditional Thai ingredients in curry paste and coconut milk with green pepper, onions, coriander, bamboo shoots, aubergine and basil leaves. Extra hot
T7. Thai Tom Yam Sauce (hot)£5.20Add +Quick stir fried in tom yam paste with red pepper, bamboo shoots, onions, straw mushrooms and lime leaves, garnished with coriander and fresh chilli
T9. Thai Fried Rice£5.00Add +With pineapple, lemon grass and lime leaves
T10. Pad Thai Noodles (n) (hot)£5.20Add +Stir fried Thai rice noodles with sliced onions, carrots, green pepper and bamboo shoots, garnished with crushed peanuts, coriander and fresh chilli
Malaysian & Singapore Dishes
M2. Malay Sambal (hot)£5.40Add +Traditional sambal chilli paste with onions and coriander
M3. Malay Complete Meal Nasi Lemak (n) (hot)£5.80Add +Popular Malay coconut rice with sambal, egg, chicken wings, peanuts and cucumber
M4. Malaysian Noodles (hot)£5.40Add +Fried noodles with, squid, fish cakes and prawns. topped with fresh lettuce and chilli
S1. Singapore Noodles (hot)£4.80Add +With chicken, shrimps and pork. Slightly hot
S2. Singapore Fried Rice (hot)£4.20Add +With chicken, shrimp and pork. Slightly hot
Set Meals
Winner£5.50Add +With fried rice or chow mein
E1. Chips (v)£1.80Add +
E2. Chips with Salt & Chilli (v)£2.30Add +
E3. Omelette with Chips & Peas£4.00Add +Beaten eggs pan fried in oil with chips and peas
Desserts & Beverages
1. Banana or Pineapple Fritters in Golden Syrup£2.80Add +Banana or pineapple slices coated in batter and deepfried with golden syrup
Cans£1.00Add +330ml
Bottles£2.20Add +1.5ltr
Evian Water£1.00Add +
Fortune Cookies£0.20Add +A crisp cookie made from flour, sugar, vanilla and oil with a fortune wrapped inside
Sauces£0.80Add +
Soy Sauce£1.60Add +150ml bottle
Chilli Oil (hot)£1.00Add +